Frequently Asked Questions

Types of Puppet

What’s the difference between a hand puppet and a glove puppet?

One of our most frequently asked questions is the difference between hand and glove puppets. Hand puppets are what many people think of as ‘muppet style’, with a three-dimensional foam head and moving mouth. Read more about hand puppets here. Glove puppets have a basic glove, and you move the arms and head with your fingers. The body is flat, and the head may be flat or 3D. We made a blog post going over the main differences between hand puppets and glove puppets here.

Read more about glove puppets here.

How much do your puppets cost?

Another frequently asked questions is the cost of our puppets, there are some guideline prices here. As each puppet is different, they all cost different amounts. The cost will depend on the complexity of your design and the type of puppet or toy you would like. If you send an image of your design (or a description if you don’t have a design yet) to we’ll be able to give you some options.

How close to my design can you get?

Pretty close! Have a look at our comparison gallery to see some examples of our puppets and toys next to the designs we were sent.

Can you do the design too?

Of course, we also offer a design service if required. Have a look at our design services page for more.

Can I get a puppet that looks like me?

Yes! We can make a puppet that looks like you or anyone else! Just contact us with a photo.

What about a puppet that looks like my pet? Or my favourite weird animal?

Yes! We can do likenesses of specific pets, or generic animals. See more information here.

Can I have moving features on my puppet?

We can do lots of different kinds of mechanisms, including blinking eyes, moving eyebrows, arm rods, and more!

See our Mechanisms.

Placing your order

How long does it take to make a puppet?

Our standard lead time for custom builds is about 4-6 weeks. We also offer a 1-2 week speed build option at 25% of the total cost of your order. It takes a few days to make each puppet, but we tend to have a queue of orders, and need to order in individual materials for each puppet.

What are the payment terms?

We take payment when you place your order. Companies or organisations may also raise a purchase order and pay on completion.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept bank transfer, personal cheque, or we can send you an invoice through PayPal. Or you’re welcome to come by our studio in Leith and pay in cash.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

There is no minimum order quantity for our soft toys or puppets, we can do any number from 1-50.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide. All of our puppets are made in Edinburgh, Scotland.

How long will my puppet last?

Our belief in building our puppets is that they should last. We are so confident of this that they are guaranteed for 5 years for normal use. We will repair any damage incurred through wear and tear free of charge, exclusive of postage costs. Cleaning, and repairing damage inflicted by pets, fire or machinery, may incur a fee.

What size will my puppet be?

A comfortable size for a moving mouth puppet is about 50-90cm tall, but we can make other sizes workable if needed. Unless it’s huge or tiny, the size shouldn’t affect the price of your puppet. Glove puppets are usually about 25-40cm tall. Soft toys can be any size – the cheapest range tends to be from 25-50 cm tall.

Can I see what my puppet will look like before it’s finished?

Another frequently asked questions is if we can make rough mock up of orders. We do an initial drawing included in the price of each custom order if required. If you’d like to see the drawing before placing your order, we charge a small deposit, which is deducted from your final total should you decide to go ahead with the order.

Each puppet is custom made to order, so you won’t be able to see your individual one until it’s made. But you can take a look at the gallery for lots of other examples to get an idea of what it will look like! The more info you give us about your requirements, the closer we will be able to get to what you want.

If you want to place a bulk order, we always make an initial prototype for you to approve before we start the others.

Where can I leave a review?

If you’re happy with your order, we’d love it if you can leave a review for us on our Google Places page!

Who owns the copyright of your puppets?

By default, Picture to Puppet reserves all intellectual property that arises in the course of provision of the services. This means that we would own the design rights to the 3D pattern for the puppet. If you supply us with a 2D image/ character to work from, you retain the right to this, and we couldn’t produce it for another client without your written consent. You couldn’t take our puppet to a factory to have them mass produced.

If you would like to own full copyright, this usually costs the same amount as the initial puppet again. So for example, if the base price for the puppet or toy was £300, the price including the design rights would normally be £600.

Can I have a puppet made based on someone else’s design?

If you would like a puppet made based on someone’s design other than your own, you will need to ask them for written permission first. Alternatively, you can ask us to design something along a similar vein, but different.

What if my toy breaks?

All of our products are guaranteed for five years for normal use. We will repair any damage incurred through wear and tear free of charge, exclusive of postage costs. Cleaning, and repairing damage inflicted by pets, fire or machinery, may incur a fee.

Toy Hospital

What kinds of toy repairs do you do?

At Leith Toy Hospital, we repair and restore all kinds of dolls and soft toys, including teddies and any other stuffed animals, new and antique. We also repair all types of puppets and marionettes. We also repair electrical and mechanical toys. You can find more information about our toy hospital services here.

Face Masks

Where can I buy a reusable face mask? 

From Picture to Puppet of course! Our washable reusable face masks are stylish, fitted and adjustable and available in three sizes. As well selling them on the door, we sell them over the phone and online and ship across the UK. Find out more about our reusable face masks here. You can also buy them from our sister company Leith Toy Hospital!