Another Jack in the Box


Lately I’ve been commissioned to make several personalised jack in boxes, which I’ve been really enjoying. This one I made to order based on a client (below). My favourite part of making custom jack in the boxes is making miniature versions of what they are wearing and matching small details such as make up and gloves.

I rub down and paint up the boxes in the client’s choice of colour and screw tiny hinges and catches onto the lids. If any dust falls onto it when they paint is wet, I have to rub it down and start again! It’s tricky to adjust the spring correctly so that the doll doesn’t loll to one side when they pop up. But it is very satisfying to watch it pop up when it is finished!

Custom Jack-in-the-boxes are £95 + postage. Contact me for more info or to place an order.

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Jack in the boxes 2Jack in the boxes