Puppet Stands

We offer custom made puppet stands to fit both our own puppets and other puppets. As well as adjustable stands, which fit a range of puppets, we also offer fixed height ones. They are all made to order and the bases are made from reclaimed oak. As they are all individually made, they may differ somewhat from the examples shown. 

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A Custom Puppet with a large nose wearing a green dressing gown on a wooden stand
Puppet on a Stand in an Army Chef uniform
Glove Puppet Stand

Types of Stand

Adjustable wooden puppet stand with white upper section with holes in

Adjustable Hand Puppet Stands – £40

These are ideal if you want to use them for lots of different puppets. They include a plastic tube with lots of holes in and a peg to set it to the right height. There is a flexible bit on the top that goes into the puppet’s upper mouth cavity, and you can use it to angle the puppet’s head. 

Fixed height wooden hand puppet stand with flexible top

Fixed Height Hand Puppet Stands – £35

These are ideal if you only want to display one hand puppet. They also have a flexible bit on top that you can use to angle the head. You just need to let us know the height you would like it, and we can cut it to length. 

Wooden Stand for a Glove Puppet

Glove Puppet Stands – £30

Our Glove puppets are easy to slot on and off. 

Our classic stands fit most humanoid hand puppets and most glove puppets. If you have a different shape of puppet, such as a 4 legged animal, get in touch – we can construct something especially to fit. 

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You can fill out a quote request form, email team@picturetopuppet.co.uk or write to us at 64 Constitution Street, Edinburgh, EH6 6RR