Hand Puppets

Custom Hand Puppets

If you’re looking for custom hand puppets, talking puppets, moving mouth puppets or muppet style puppets, you’ve come to the right place. All of our custom muppets are handmade in our Edinburgh Studio.

Our Custom Hand Puppets:

  • Custom hand puppet wolfhave a stuffed and lined face and body
  • normally have a reinforced, movable mouth
  • are a maximum of 1 metre tall
  • Can be made from a drawing, photo or description.
  • Can be full or half body
  • Optional arm rods
  • Optional extras include blinking eyes, moving eyebrows and wiggling ears!

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Hand Puppet Pricing

The following prices are a guideline, and prices vary depending on your design. 

  • Designing and making a single custom full body puppet/prototype – From £260
  • Half body option – From £240

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Examples of Moving Mouth Puppets

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Our custom muppets from cartoons, logos and drawings

I’ve worked full time as a puppet maker since 2013. Moving mouth puppets are my favourite type of puppet to work on, because it always presents a challenge to make the moving parts really user friendly as well as capturing a likeness to the picture and getting the expression right. It took a good few years of practice to figure out how to look at a 2D picture and transform it into a 3D thing, and each one takes a long time, but it’s very fulfilling to be able to bring it to life at the end. Talking puppets can also have moving eyebrows, blinking eyes, arm rods and lots of other fun things added to them, which make them really life like.

The heads of our custom muppets are often sculpted in foam, which is firm and springy enough to make the mouth really comfy to operate. The skin of the puppet is machine stitched together from durable fabrics, so they should last a really long time, and they’re all guaranteed for 5 years. We work with a huge range of different fabrics and will chose the closest fabric possible to reflect your design.