Likeness Glove Puppets

Likeness Glove Puppets – from £230

Make a puppet that looks like you! Just upload a photo of the person through our contact form or via email, and we will transform it into a unique mini me glove puppet. 

Here are some examples of our bespoke likeness glove puppets.

Other options for you to consider

Build A Puppet – Glove puppets from £40

Our “Build a Puppet” Glove puppets start from only £40 – this allows you to choose  custom features for a simple glove puppet from a range of options, such as hair colour, face shape, skin tone, hair length and eye colour.

Likeness Hand Puppets

Also consider a likeness hand puppet for a moving mouth, large size and more detail. You can also add in extras like moving eyebrows, arm rods, blinking eyes an even animatronics!