Custom Latex Puppets

Our custom latex puppets make highly expressive, realistic characters with a life like skin texture. Each latex head is individually sculpted from clay and cast by hand with a high level of craftsmanship. We make latex hand puppets with movable mouths as well as custom rubber head glove puppets. We can set in handmade eyes and teeth, and add hair, wigs and any kind of clothing. Latex puppets are ideal for when a high level of detail is required. They are also very versatile and can achieve a huge range of different facial expressions. As our latex puppets are custom made to order, they can be made to any design you can imagine – if you can dream it, we can make it! Our bespoke latex puppets are UK made in our workshop here in Leith, Edinburgh.

Your custom latex puppet can be offer latex puppets made to order based on a photo of a person or animal, a character you’ve designed, or a description. If you’re looking for a likeness latex puppet of you, or a family member, celebrity or even your boss, our expert puppet builders can help! If you’re not sure what you want, we can also offer a design service

Latex likeness puppet
Custom Latex puppets

Our custom latex puppets are handmade in our workshop based in Leith. We specialise in puppets made from a photo. Ours is a highly personal bespoke service, and we can make your puppet to your exact specification. If you’re looking to get someone in your life turned into a custom latex puppet, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

 As well as latex puppets, we make bespoke marionettes, mascot costumes, jack in the boxes, finger puppets… We’re always keen for a new challenge, so if you’re looking for something weird and wonderful that’s not listed here, give us a shout!

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Our standard lead time for custom builds is about 4-6 weeks. We also offer a 1-2 week speed build option which is 20% of your total order cost.

Other Custom Puppet Options

Other types of puppet you may also wish to consider:

How our latex puppets are made

We start by making a clay sculpt of your character. We then make a strong platercast of the character and use this as a mould. We then pour the latex into the mould to create the latex puppet head. This is then cleaned up, finished and painted.
Custom Latex Puppet in progress