Build – A – Puppet

Build a puppet that looks like you!

Build A likeness Puppet – From £65

Have you ever thought to yourself “I wish I had a puppet that looks like me”? Our affordable build-a-puppet service allows you to choose every element of your glove puppet from a range of options and we will make your glove puppet to order. Just fill out the form below to order yours now!

Our build-a-puppets use a standardised template and are based on your response in the order form. We also make many different types of entirely custom puppets – just send us a picture through our contact form to receive a quote.

Build a Puppet- The glove puppet on the left wears a green top and hijab. The middle puppet wears an orange top and the the puppet on the right wears a yellow top and jeans.

Build A Puppet Gift Vouchers

We can also send out gift vouchers by post or email so that you can give someone the gift of creating their very own puppet. Just fill in your own email address on the form, tick any extras you want to include, and write gift voucher in the comments and we can get back to you to arrange payment and to send out the voucher. Or give us a call and we can arrange things over the phone.

likeness puppet
likeness glove puppet

Build-A-Puppet Now

Add your name or other text on the puppet’s T shirt – optional


Payment Options

Once we receive your order, we will send you an electronic invoice which you can click though to pay. Alterntively, you can phone 01315544753 to pay over the phone by credit or debit card. You can also send a cheque payable to Mari Jones to 64 Constitution Street, Edinburgh, EH6 6RR. 

Other Options

Here are some other custom puppet options you might like to consider! Visit our custom puppets page for the full extent of our options.
Likeness Glove Puppet

In addition to our build-a-puppet service, we also offer a fully bespoke likeness puppet making service, where you just upload a photo and we make it entirely from scratch. This gives a closer likeness, offering custom eye shapes, face shapes,  hairstyles, facial lines and a limitless range of clothing. You can see lots of examples of our likeness glove puppets hereThis service starts from £230 for a likeness glove puppet.

Build a Puppet or Bespoke Likeness Glove Puppet?

Build A Puppet

  • From £65
  • Choose features for your puppet from a wide range of options.
  • Simple in style
  • Round eyes and noses and a smile.
  • Plain Top in a colour of your choice
  • Trousers or a skirt. 

Our Bespoke Likeness Glove puppets

Both types are the same size and offer the same functionality (moving head and arms). They are easy to use, even for young children, and child safe.