Custom Pet Soft Toys

Pet Likeness Soft Toys By Picture To Puppet

Transform a photo of your pet (or any animal) into a custom pet soft toy – or a puppet!

Our custom soft toys are entirely personalised and handcrafted based on your individual pet. We make every effort to replicate not just their colouring, but their expression and character.

We have a huge range of fabrics available to us and will select ones that are as close as possible to your pet. We will always run a drawing and fabric samples by you before we start work on your toy.

Custom Dog Soft Toy

Typical Price Ranges for Pet Likeness Toys

The price of our pet soft toys varies greatly according to the complexity of the design – the following ranges are a guideline only. Send us a photo of your pet and let us know the size you would like for an exact quote.

  • Up to 40cm – £300-450
  • 40-70cm – £400-£700
  • More than 70cm – £600+

You can choose what position you would like the pet plushie to be in and whether you would like it to be freestanding. 

Custom Pet Soft Toy Examples

The Custom Pet Plushie Making Process

The process of making each custom pet soft toy takes several days, sometimes more than a week.

Initially, we will draw out your pet soft toy at the size you want it and check you are happy with the design.

As animals come in so many different colours, patterns and textures, we spend many hours searching the world over for the best fabrics for each toy! We consider the pile length, colour feel and pattern and find the best matches possible. We check that you are happy with the fabrics before starting. 

We make an individual pattern for every pet plush. Normally each toy is made up of about 30-40 pattern pieces! We make all the sections up and spend a long time adjusting them.

We stuff the components with filling, and usually weight some areas with heavy pellets. We shave and trim areas of the fur. Finally we stitch all the components of the pet soft toy together by hand. We do a lot of tension stitching to create definition in the face and body.

Cate eyebrows being sewn on

Simply contact us with a photo of your pet to get a quote.

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