Custom Pet Soft Toys

Pet Likeness Soft Toys by Picture to Puppet

Another kind of bespoke soft toy we specialise in is pet likenesses. We can transform a photo of your pet (or even someone else’s) into a custom pet soft toy – or a puppet!

With Picture to Puppet’s bespoke likeness soft toys, you can have a cuddly toy made to look just like your pet, or any other animal you like.

Our Custom Pet Soft Toys:

  •  made from standard or luxury faux fur
  • stuffed with high quality polyfill
  • plastic or fabric eyes and nose
  • customised to your pet’s exact appearance, not generic
  • you choose their pose and size to a maximum of 1 metre tall
  • any kind of animal is possible
  • can be made from a drawing, photo or description
  • Prices from £230 for a soft toy
  • Or from £300 for a hand puppet

My custom soft toys are entirely personalised and handcrafted based on your individual pet. I make every effort to replicate not just their colouring, but their expression and character.

Custom pet likeness dog puppet

Photo of a cat alongside a custom pet soft toy made in its likeness

Simply contact me with a photo of your pet, and then I’ll transform it into a beautiful custom soft toy.

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