Mascot Costumes

Does your company, club or society need a stunning visual mascot to animate your brand? Our fabulous custom mascot costumes can be made to order in any size and any character – just send us a picture or description of your character to get started. Our wearable professional mascot costumes are handmade by our expert mascot costume makers in our Edinburgh studio. We can ship them anywhere in the world.

Our wearable mascot costumes are made to order. They have a soft foam head structure which fits snugly around the wearer’s head, and sometimes a lighter foam body structure. They have a gauze area that you can see out of without being seen. Our professional custom mascots costumes start from £900. The price is dependent on the level of complexity of the design.

Mascot Design Service Example

Mascot Design Services

If you don’t know yet what you’d like your mascot costume to look like, we can offer a design service. This costs £100 and includes 3 drawings for you to choose from and up to 6 fabric swatches. 

Alternatively, you can send your own mascot design for us to work from. 

In the past, we have made mascots for schools, mascots for charities, mascots for sports teams and TV shows as well as corporate mascots for events.

Get in touch if you’d like to chat about your wearable mascot costume ideas. 

Our mascot costume makers will chat with you in detail about your requirements and design and make something to fit your needs.

Wearable Mascots by Picture to Puppet

Custom Mascot Puppets and Mascot Soft Toys

As well as wearable mascots, we can also make custom puppets and custom soft toys to represent your character or brand. Have a browse through some examples of our previous work in our gallery.