Likeness Toys

Our custom likeness soft toys can be based on anyone at all. They can be made to any size, wear any outfit and if you wish can be posable and/ or freestanding. Ranging from small mini me plush toys that can sit on a desk to life size replicas of people, our custom dolls can be the ultimate personal gift for a loved one, or a quirky addition to your show or shop display. A likeness plush can be made posable and freestanding by adding an armature and boots, or they can be made more ragdoll like if you prefer. 

Prices for likeness soft toys start from £440 for a 20-40cm toy. Fill out our contact form to get a quote for your ideal likeness plush.

How Our Likeness Toys are Made

All our Mini Me plush toys are handmade by our small team of designer makers in our Edinburgh Workshop.

There is really no limit to the cutomisation of our likeness dolls. We make a unique pattern for each plush, based on your subject’s unique appearence, and we render the facial features using careful embroidery. We make a tailor made outfit based on your picture or description for each one of our likeness toys. We can even produce a custom printed fabric for the clothing if you wish! Often an internal armature is added to achieve a freestanding toy. Each one takes our makers on average 11-20 hours of hand work.  

How The Process Works

To start with, we chat to you about your requirements and provide a quote for the work. It’s worth letting us know your budget, as we can sometimes come up with a simpler design that might suit your needs. If you’re happy with this, you can pay a deposit which covers a drawing to size and some fabric swatches. Then, if you’re happy to move forward, we invoice for the full amount and proceed to make the toy and its outfit. The whole process usually takes around 8 weeks, however this does vary from one order to the next. We can sometimes offer a 2 week speed build service, which is usually +25% of your order cost. 

Why not get it moving?

As an alternative to a caracature plush, you may also wish to consider a likeness hand puppet or glove puppet.