Glove Puppets

Picture to Puppet Gallery flax flower glove puppet

Our handmade custom glove puppets are a popular choice as they are very easy to use, even for toddlers. They are our most affordable option. We can make them individually and wholesale, in quantities ranging from 1-50. They are all handmade in our Edinburgh workshop. Our glove puppets can be made with 2D or 3D faces.

Our Custom Glove Puppets:

  • are smaller than hand puppets
  • have movable heads and arms
  • don’t have moving mouths
  • are a maximum of 45cm tall
  • are our most affordable option.

Pricing Guidelines

The following prices are a guideline only – the price of your glove puppet will depend on the complexity of your design. Contact us for an exact quote.

Bespoke Glove Puppets

Designing and making a single custom puppet/prototype – from £120

Bulk Order Glove Puppets

Wholesale Glove Puppets in quantities of up to 50– from £20 apiece

Find out more about our bulk order services here.

Likeness glove puppets based on a photograph of a person – from £230

Two likeness glove puppets of a woman and a boy

Build – A- Puppet

Create a simple glove puppet that looks like you! – from £40

Visit our build-a-puppet page for more info.

Build a Glove Puppet Example

Other Types of Puppet

If you’re looking for a moving mouth puppet, see our hand puppets.

Glove Puppet Examples

2D Face Glove Puppets

Here are some examples of our 2D face glove puppets. 

3D Face Glove Puppets

Here are some examples of 3D face glove puppets:

Likeness Glove Puppets

Create a custom glove puppet that looks like you!


Our glove puppets have a basic glove shape, and a head and arms which can be easily operated using your fingers. If you’re looking for a moving mouth, see our hand puppets. Even though our personalised glove puppets are small (they are about 35cm tall), they can be very detailed, and I put a lot of effort in to make them as close to your design as possible. We can make them as likenesses based on a photo of someone, bespoke glove puppets from children’s drawings, and, most often, puppets for schools and education resource companies based on characters they use in their schemes of work.

If you’ve got an idea for a glove puppet, contact us or come and visit us in our Constitution Street Toy Workshop.

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