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Toy Repairs by Leith Toy Hospital

A spring off from Picture to Puppet, Leith Toy Hospital now has a dedicated team of repair and restoration specialists. We restore modern and antique dolls, teddies, puppets and other toys.

Soft Toy Repairs

Doll Repairs

Mechanical and Electrical Toy Repairs

Whether you want an antique heirloom rocking horse restored, or your child’s favourite cuddly toy is looking a bit too well-loved, we can help.

When you bring in your toy for a consultation, we’ll talk through all the treatment options with you to find the perfect treatment for your toy. We offer a huge range of options, from small seam repairs to complete reconstructions. No ailment is too big or too small!


Your toy will be treated with dignity and respect for the duration of their stay with us. All of our patients are tucked in little bunk beds with some other toys for company. When they’re well again, we issue a return to work slip and they get a fresh ribbon around their neck.

Favourite toys are irreplaceable. We place huge importance on preserving toys’ individual characters, and we won’t make any changes to your toy without your approval. Our sympathetic restorations mean that each toy’s unique appearance and personality is retained. Where new materials are needed, we go to great lengths to source materials that are as close as possible to the original.

The Toy Hospital Team

Our team includes a doll specialist, a soft toy specialist and a mechanical and electrical techinician. We also have a dress and textile historian, so give us a shout if you’d like any custom made period clothing for your toy.

Get in Touch

Please describe any damage that you would like repaired and any other other requests.
Please upload a photo of your toy, showing any damage. If you happen to have a photo from before the damage, upload that too.

Leith Toy Hospital occupies the same studio space as Picture to Puppet, at 64 Constitution Street, Edinburgh EH6 6RR. Drop by Monday – Saturday, 9.15-6.

Phone us at 01315544753

Or email info@leithtoyhospital.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you!


Visit our Toy Hospital website for more information, a price list, gallery and details about how to find us. 

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