Mechanisms & Extras

Puppets with moving eyebrows and other extras

At Picture to Puppet, we offer talking puppets, blinking eye puppets, puppets with moving eyebrows, puppets with moving fingers and hands, wiggling ears, twitching noses… you name it! Puppets that blink are so much more believable than other puppets, and movable eyebrows make puppets much more expressive.

Our standard hand puppets come with a moving mouth – but we can add any combination of extras. Here are some common ones – if you’ve dreamed up something that isn’t listed here, feel free to ask!

Pricing guidelines

  • Moveable eyebrows – £50
  • Blinking eyes – £120
  • Hand pockets – £25 each
  • Arm rods – £10
  • Wiggling nose – instead of moving mouth
  • Moving ears – £45
  • Movable Brow – £60

Movable Ears, Blink and Movable Eyebrows

Movable Brow

Moving Eyebrows – £40

  • Blinking Eyes – £100

  • Glove Hands

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I love making puppets with fancy mechanisms, because it gives them an amazing amount more character. When a puppet suddenly starts blinking, it is really uncanny. Our blinking eye puppets take days and days, because their eyelids have to be wired and hemmed with tiny stitches, and I usually get frustrated and have a few tantrums along the way, but it’s always worth it in the end to see a puppet that blinks!