Mechanisms & Extras

Manual and Animatronic Puppets

Blinking Puppets, Puppets with Moving Eyebrows, Arm Rods and More

In addition to talking puppets, we offer blinking eye puppets, puppets with moving eyebrows, puppets with moving fingers and hands, wiggling ears, twitching noses, puppet arm rods… you name it! Moving eyebrows add huge charisma and potential for expression to puppets, and can take your performance into a different league. 

We offer manual lever operated mechanisms as well as animatronic puppets.

Our standard hand puppets come with a moving mouth – but we can add any combination of extras. Here are some common ones – if you’ve dreamed up something that isn’t listed here such as twitching noses, feel free to ask!

Arm Movement

  • Glove hands & arm sleeves – £80
  • Arm rods – £8 each
  • Wired posable fingers – from £50

Facial Movement

Manual Mechanisms

  • Moveable eyebrows – £60
  • Blinking eyes – £295
  • Wiggling ears – £95
  • Movable Brow – £140

 Animatronic Puppets

  • Blink – £350

  • Movable Eyebrows – £170

  • Moving Ears – £170
Animatronic Puppets

Our animatronic mechanisms are operated by switches inside the head. They can be set to blink at regular intervals or alternatively to blink every time you press the switch. From the front, the appearance is no different to the manual mechanisms. 

Our animatronic puppets are easier to use than their manual equivalents and require less practice. 

Puppet Stands

We offer custom made fixed and adjustable puppet stands, made from reclaimed oak. You can find out all about them here.

Adjustable wooden puppet stand with white upper section with holes in


Movable Ears, Blink and Moving Eyebrow Puppet

Movable Brow

Moving Eyebrows – £40

  • Blinking Eyes – £100

  • Glove Hands

Blink Mechanism

We love working on extra mechanisms for our puppets, because the add an extra dimension to the process and makes the puppets much more life like. Our blinking eye puppets take days and days, because their eyelids have to be wired and hemmed with tiny stitches, but it’s always worth it in the end to see a puppet that blinks!

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