Custom puppets

Custom Puppets Made to Order

If you’re looking for between 1 and 500 custom puppets made to order, Picture to Puppet can help. All of our bespoke puppets are hand made in our Edinburgh studio to your exact specification. We can create custom puppets from a picture, photo or description. Our puppets can be made from cartoon characters or likenesses of real people.

We run a highly personal bespoke service, and will chat with you in detail about exactly what your requirements are and how your ideas can best be brought to life.

The price of your custom puppet will vary slightly according to the complexity of your design, but guideline prices are detailed below. Get in touch with for an exact quote.

Custom Hand PuppetsCustom puppet wolf

Hand puppets:

  • have a stuffed and lined face and body
  • normally have a reinforced, movable mouth
  • are a maximum of 1 metre tall
  • Can be made from a drawing, photo or description.
  • Designing and making a single custom full body puppet/prototype – From £160
  • Half body option – From £125
  • A further single puppet – From £105
  • For a quantity of 10+ the same – From £60 apiece
  • Optional extras include blinking eyes, moving eyebrows and wiggling ears!

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Caricature & Likeness PuppetsCustom puppet portrait likeness puppets made to order

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Custom Glove Puppets

Custom puppet school girl bespoke puppetGlove puppets:

  • are flatter than hand puppets
  • have moveable heads and legs
  • are a maximum of 45cm tall.
  • Designing and making a single puppet/prototype – from £55
  • A further single puppet – £35
  • For a quantity of 10 – 100  – £12 – £28 apiece

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Sock Puppets

  • Custom puppets sock puppet bespoke puppetsAre made to your specification
  • Designing and making a single sock puppet/prototype – £10
  • A further single puppet – £6
  • For a quantity of 10 or more – £4.50 apiece


Optional Extras (hand puppets only):

  • Moveable eyebrows – £40
  • Blinking eyes – £100
  • Hand pockets – £30
  • Arm rods – £10
  • Wiggling nose – instead of moving mouth
  • Moving ears – £40

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Also see Custom Soft toys

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Aaaaaaand Custom Jack-in-the-boxes!

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Other types of bespoke puppets and toys

If you can dream it, I can make it. We get asked to make mascot costumes, custom jack in the boxes, finger puppets…
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Get in touch to chat about your requirements.



Our standard lead time is about 4 weeks, we also offer a 1-2 week speed build option

How to order 

Simply email your image or description to or come to visit us at 64 Constitution Street! 

Or you can give me a call on 07403708680.

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Contact me to order bespoke puppets.