Puppet Design & Toy Design

Design Services By Picture To Puppet

If you’d like a puppet or toy made but you’re not sure exactly what you want, or you don’t like drawing, no problem – our puppet builders can do the design for you! Just give us a brief and we can do as many iterations as it takes until your dreams are realised. We’d ask you to describe things like the character’s personality, what it’s going to be used for and what kind of budget you’ve got. We’d also ask you for any ideas you’ve got regarding the character’s colour, texture and what sort of mechanisms you’ll be needing. Our puppet makers are always happy to help you design your own personalised soft toy.

Our design services are completely optional – if you prefer to do the design yourself and have our puppet builders make the puppet for you, you just need to send a drawing or photograph of your character to team@picturetopuppet.co.uk.

A design for a hand puppet on a black background. The puppet has large ears and horns.

What is the Design Service?

The design service includes:
  • 3 initial sketches
  • 1 final hand drawing
  • Up to 6 fabric swatches
Puppet Design Service Example


Once you have chosen a design, if you wish you can go ahead with the making phase and our puppet makers will bring your design to life. If you wish, you can also purchase the design rights to the toy, which allows you to get it produced anywhere in the worlds, indefinitely – find out more about our puppet and toy prototyping service here.

Once the design has been made, there is no obligation to proceed with an order unless you want to.

A purple puppet holding up a puppet design showing the progression from picture to puppet.