Custom Figurines

Do you or your child have a character design that you’d love to have stand in front of you? Well now you can make that happen with one of our completely bespoke custom figurines. Just send us a picture, and with the use of modern technology, we are able to 3D print your beloved character. From your drawing/photo to a 3D digital model to a resin based 3D figurine. Your bespoke 3D model will be printed in one colour, which can be prepared for you to paint, or can be hand painted by our artists.

We use resin based printers for our miniature 3D likeness models as they allow us a high degree of intricacy and detail. Due to their ability to print such complex designs, they focus on smaller models. The figurines will need to fit into the 120 x68 x155mm print area, however if you would like a larger print, we can slice your model into more than one part and put it together.

Our custom 3D likeness figurines start from £495. Just send us a picture of your character to get a quote now.