Bulk Orders

Custom Puppets and Soft Toys Made in Bulk

In addition to unique one-of-a-kind items, Picture to Puppet also produces bulk orders of wholesale puppets and wholesale soft toys. If you need between 1 and 50 identical puppets or soft toys made to order, we can meet your needs. Bulk orders are perfect for educational programs, schools, or marketing campaigns. Each one is still handmade in our studio to the same high standard as all of our custom puppets and custom soft toys. Get in touch and talk to us about your custom toy manufacturing needs!

Mari surrounded by a bulk order of glove puppets made to order

Puppets and soft toys made to order:

  • Any quantity of puppets or soft toys from 1 up to 50
  • The more you order, the cheaper each item is
  • Can be based on a photograph, drawing, or description
  • We create a prototype to be approved by the client
  • Glove Puppets from £29 apiece
  • Soft Toys from £50 apiece
  • We ship all over the world

Why choose Picture to Puppet for your custom toy manufacturing?

At Picture to Puppet, we make a diverse range of bulk toys for . There is no minimum order, so we’re perfect for occasions when regular wholesale would be too much. We offer a fully customisable bespoke service just like with any other order.

Mari with a bulk order of cat and mouse glove puppets wholesale puppets

The process starts with a prototype created to your specifications, giving you the opportunity to make any changes needed. Then we copy the final prototype as many times as you want. Once we’ve created the pattern, it’s much faster to make additional puppets or soft toys, resulting in a lower final price for you!

Bulk order of furry blue monster soft toys made to order

We never outsource production, so you can place your order with peace of mind, knowing that every item will be made with care here in our Edinburgh studio.

Bulk order of Flaxie glove puppets custom toy manfucturing

Wholesale puppets

One of our most common items to make for bulk orders are our glove puppets. These can be customised endlessly to match your character or mascot, and are easy to make and use.

Glove Puppets – from £29 apiece

Hand Puppets – from £100 apiece

Cowboy glove puppet made for a wholesale puppet order

Wholesale soft toys

Soft Toys – from £50

Wholesale soft toys made to order are also very popular. We can create any sort of human, animal, or magical creature to make in bulk.

Dragon soft toys made for a wholesale soft toy order

Contact me for a quote or to find out more about our bulk order services!

See more examples of our custom puppets and soft toys here: