Soft Toy Prototypes

Soft Toy Design and Prototyping

We make individual custom soft toys as well as designing soft toy production samples, manufacturing patterns and soft toy prototypes.

Soft Toy Design Phase

Puppet Design by Picture to Puppet

On receipt of the brief, we do one or more toy design drawings, which include dimensions and notes and fabric samples. At this point, you can request any amendments and decide whether you would like to go ahead with the initial toy. We typically charge £50 for the design phase.

Soft Toy Prototype/ Production Sample

Once the design drawings and fabrics have been approved, we order the fabric in, produce a pattern and construct the fist toy. We then send it to you to review. 
The cost of the initial toy depends on the complexity of your design, but is typically in the £250 to £450 range. 


If you would like any changes to the soft toy design following receiving the prototype, there is the option to order a second iteration, which is typically 60% of the price of the first. Alternatively, if only small changes are required, amendments to the initial toy are charged at £25 per hour. 

Design Rights

If you are happy with the soft toy design sample, and wish to produce them in bulk, there are two options.

1. We can produce small runs of up to 50 toys here in the work shop – visit our bulk orders page for more.

2. We can sell you the design rights and you can have the toy produced by another manufacturer. Typically, we charge double the price of producing the toy to include the design rights. This gives you unlimited rights to reproduce the toy.

Production Pattern/ Manufacturing Pattern

We also offer a production pattern making service. This is a plasticised pattern of the toy for factory use. This service costs  in the region of £120.

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