Custom Jack in the Boxes

Custom Jack-in-the-boxes by Picture to Puppet

At Picture to Puppet, the latest addition to my repertoire is custom Jack in the Boxes!

Don’t you wish you could make someone you know/ your favourite book character come out of a Jack in the Box?

Well now you can! Just send me a picture of your character and within a few weeks your Jack in the Box will arrive! These personalised traditional toys will not fail to bring a smile to the recipient’s face. They are all hand made by me in my Edinburgh Studio.

Our custom Jack in the Boxes cost £120.

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When ordering a personalised jack in the box, consider what you would like the person to be wearing, what colour you would like the box to be and what expression you would like on the face. Also let me know what date you will need it to be ready for.

I’m always excited when I get an order for a personalised Jack-in-the-Box. I find the process of sanding, priming and painting the box, and getting it really smooth really satisfying. It took a lot of practice to get the faces right; because they’re just round balls, capturing a likeness is quite tricky and I usually have to stare at the photo for ages before I start. Making tiny clothes for a custom jack in the box is very fiddly, but I love going out and finding just the right fabrics to match the picture.