Custom Jack in the Boxes

Custom Jack-In-The-Boxes By Picture To Puppet

A traditional toy with a twist! Our Custom Jack in the Boxes are individually hand made to your specification. We’re proud to be one of the few personalised Jack in the Box makers remaining in the UK. Don’t you wish you could make someone you know/ your favourite book character come out of a bespoke Jack in the Box?

Custom Jack in the Box by Picture to Puppet

Well now you can! Just send us a picture of your character and within a few weeks your Jack in the Box will arrive. We can make a custom Jack in the Box in the likeness of a person, a character you’ve designed, a child’s drawing, your company’s mascot, or anything at all.

These personalised traditional toys will not fail to bring a smile to the recipient’s face. They are all hand made by our team of artists in our Edinburgh Studio.

There is no limit to the amount you can customise your jack in the box. We can paint a design a box, hand sculpt the head to capture the best possible likeness of your character, add hand cranks and more.

Types of Custom Jack in the Box


Our uncranked Jack in the Boxes pop up when you open the lid. They are in hand painted wooden boxes which we can paint to a colour of your choice. Our artists can also paint a design on the box if you wish. 


Our hand cranked Jack in the Boxes are in metal boxes. They play a tune when you turn the handle and pop up at the end.

Bespoke Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box Head Type

Wooden Ball head

Our wooden ball heads can be painted with custom features and have wigs attached to them.

Custom Sculpted head

Our custom sculpted heads are sculpted from lightweight clay, airbrushed, hard coated and varnished.
Made to order jack in the box

Pricing Guidelines:

Base Price – £195

(includes a wooden box painted in a colour of your choice, wooden ball for a head and a simple costume)

Hand crank – £140

Custom sculpted head – £190

How to Order your Personalised Jack in the Box

Send us an image of the character you’d like to pop up out of the Jack in the box. We will ask you to choose what the character will be wearing (if anything), their facial expression and the colour you would like the box to be painted.


The default size of our custom made Jack in the Boxes is about 11cm cubed. However, we can build the boxes any size and shape, so just let us know if you’d like a particular spec.

Lead Times

The default lead time for our custom made bespoke Jack in the Boxes is about 8 weeks. We also offer a 1-2 week speed build option for those Jack-in-the-box emergencies! This costs +25% of your total order cost.

The Process

Building, sanding, priming and painting the box is the first step. For the heads, we can either sculpt them or start with wooden balls, we paint on the features and varnish them. We make tiny wigs for them using wool or faux fur. Then we fit the heads to a strong spring and fasten it to the inside of the box. Making tiny clothes for the Jack in the Boxes to match the pictures we’re sent is our favourite part – we spend ages going round the charity shops to find the right fabrics.


Contact Us for more info or to order yours now.