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Custom Values Puppets and Mascots

We’ve worked on a plethora of school puppets and other unique resources for schools. These include values puppets, Rights Respecting Mascots, Eco Mascots, Reading Mascots and more.

Does your school have values characters or mascots? Simply send us an image and we can make them up as unique school puppets! They could be hand puppets, glove puppets or soft toys. There is no minimum order quantity.

We’ve got years of experience making custom puppets and soft toys to order. We do many different sizes and styles of puppets and toys, and we can tailor your products to the age and needs of the children and your budget. We can also capture the look and personality of your characters, whether they’ve been designed by children or graphic designers. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and can incorporate text, removable clothing, bizarre props and …. really anything you like!

Design-a-Mascot Competitions

Holding a competition to design your school’s values characters or mascots is a great way to engage children with your core values. Send us the winning design and we can make it up as a soft toy or a puppet, for a very exciting prize!

Values Toys - Resilience Cat

Types of Resources

Use the links below to have a browse through some of the different types of resources we offer.

How to Order

Drop us an email or give us a ring for more info. Just attach an image of your character and let us know what quantity you’re interested in to get a quote. You can email or come and visit our Edinburgh studio.

School Puppets Gallery

Core Values Puppets

Values education is a big part of the curriculum. If your school has core values, values puppets, values toys and other values resources can help to engage children with these values.

Here are some Values Characters we have worked on recently. We have been subliminally improved by having to incorporate so many moral messages into our work!

Rights Respecting Mascots

We are often asked to make Rights Respecting Mascots. Here are some we prepared earlier!

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