About Picture to Puppet

Founded and run by puppet maker Mari Jones, Picture to Puppet is a small puppet company with our studio workshop based in Leith, Edinburgh in Scotland. It has come a long way since its conception in 2012. We now produce hundreds of custom puppets and toys a year, all by hand, in Edinburgh. Our clients range from TV companies and theatres to ventriloquists to schools, local authorities and Mums and Dads.

The Picture to Puppet Company

Meet the Dream Team!

Picture to Puppet company CEO
Phyllis - CEO

 Our terrifying CEO Phyllis keeps us hard at the grindstone day and night to ensure that only superb quality work leaves the studio.

Mari Jones, Picture to Puppet, surrounded by puppets
Mari Jones - Creative Director

 Mari Jones set up Picture to Puppet in 2012, and is pleased but slightly bewildered by its success. She makes puppets and toys and draws pictures. Before that, she graduated in textiles and worked as a dressmaker.

Kiaz Trepte - Cut and Construction


A reformed punk rocker and veteran fitter at Vivienne Westwood, Kiaz has joined us after 30 years experience in in the textile industry. Now she’s churning out the puppets at super speed with inimitable style and panache.

Maija Nygren at Picture to Puppet
Maija Nygren - administrator and general crafts specialist

Maija is a knitwear designer with a background in puppeteering and theatre costume. Maija sends lots of emails and makes bits and bobs, hats, scarves and shoes as and when needed.

Puppet Maker
Roombie - Floor Manager


Roombie Bumbles about the studio, ostensibly hoovering, but mainly wreaking havoc and feeling up our ankles with his little hands.

We specialise in talking puppets, glove puppets and soft toys. Click here to see the range of different puppets we work on.

The Picture to Puppet Studio

Being a puppet maker can sometimes be chaotic and we’re always rushed off our feet, but we have a great time working at Picture to Puppet. No two days are ever the same for a puppet maker, and the range of our customers’ creative ideas never ceases to amaze us!

One day we’ll be making a series of likeness puppets for celebrities to appear on the TV, and the next day we’ll be bringing a five-year-old’s drawing to life as a cuddly toy, and fixing caterpillar truck attachments onto the feet! Requests such as “could you make my Mum come out of a Jack-in-the-box?” always make us smile! As well as lots of different types of puppets and toys, we also make lots of interesting props for the puppets, like swords, sheilds, wheelchairs and hockey sticks.

Sustainability Policy

We believe in making things to last, and all of our puppets and toys are guaranteed for five years – if it breaks within that time, we will repair it free of charge. We’re a Zero waste Leith Business, and we reuse or recycle all of our waste at our puppet studio workshop in Leith, Edinburgh. Where possible, we use reclaimed and recycled fabric for our puppets. All of our packaging is reused and recycled (forgive us any crumpling!). Our energy is all from renewable sources through Ecotricity. We’re not just a puppet company, we also run Leith Toy Hospital which repairs broken toys. We also find new homes for unwanted toys through our toy hospital.


Picture To Puppet

Video Courtesy of Rebecca Chan