Custom Printed Face Masks

Face Masks with Custom Text 

Looking to order your own custom face mask? At picture to puppet we made expertly made personalised custom face masks. Add your own text to your face mask with our unique custom individual printed face masks! Enquire about ordering your own personalised face mask with a custom logo or text on it below.

You can have your custom text written in a bright colour on a black mask, for a face mask with a message! Our custom printed face masks are available in large, medium and kids sizes. 

custom printed face mask

Order A Face Mask With Your Own Custom Text

Custom Printed Face Masks with Images

Why not promote your business, or wear your art on your face? 

We also offer washable face masks printed with imagery of your choice. The price of printing your mask will vary depending on the complexity of your design and the number of colours, so drop us an email with your requirements! Order your own personalised face mask with a custom logo or text on it below.

Contact us if you’re interested in a custom mask with your logo or custom imagery. Please email a description of what you would like to

Plain and patterned masks

We also offer a wide range of plain and patterned masks, which are £10 for one and 3 for £25 – find out about our standard face masks here! 

Why wear a reusable face mask?

Our reusable face masks are designed to help protect you and others against the Coronavirus while you’re out and about, in accordance with Scottish government guidance, as well as UK government guidance. 

Buying an washable reusable individual face mask helps reduce waste, compared to disposable masks, which all go to landfill, and also save you money as you don’t have to keep replacing them. Our masks are washable to 60 degrees.