Likeness Puppets

Caricature, Likeness  and Look-a-like Puppets

Make a puppet that looks like you!
With Picture to Puppet’s bespoke likeness puppets you can have a puppet made in your own image, or that of anyone at all.

Transform a photo of someone into a puppet.

Bespoke Likeness Puppet man in white shirt

  • Available as hand puppet (from £170)
  • Or a glove puppet (from £70)
  • Optional extras include blinking eyes, moving eyebrows and wiggling ears!

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How are they made?

All our puppets are individually handmade in Leith, Edinburgh.

Our likeness hand puppets have three-dimensional heads, and a movable mouth that you operate with your hand. They can also have other movable features such as moving eyebrows, moving eyelids and movable hands!

The head starts as a foam base, which can be adjusted for different shaped heads. When people send me photographs to make likeness puppets, I spend a lot of time staring at the shape of their head and trying to match it in foam. This gets covered in a fabric ‘skin’. The mouth is built into the outer fabric, and is stiffened with plastic to hold its shape. The eyes, nose, ears and any other features such as facial hair are sewn on separately.

The clothes I sometimes make, or sometimes I buy baby clothes and alter them to fit.

You can find out more about how they’re made by looking at my blog!