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Caricature, Likeness  and Look-a-like Puppets

Build a puppet that looks like you!

Our custom lookalike puppets are used all over the world by ventriloquists, film makers, TV shows and families. We can build a puppet that looks like you, a celebrity, your loved one, or …. anyone at all! Just send us a photo of the person and we can make a bespoke caricature puppet in their image. You can choose what clothes they wear, what moving parts they have, what hairstyle they have… everything about your lookalike puppet will be uniquely crafted to your specification.

Transform a photo of someone into a caricature puppet.

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Examples: Full Body Hand Puppets

Half Body Lookalike Puppets: Examples


Lookalike Glove Puppets: Examples


How our Lookalike Puppets are made

All our custom puppets are individually handmade in our studio in Leith, Edinburgh.

Our lookalike puppets have three-dimensional heads, and a movable mouth that you operate with your hand. They can also have other movable features such as moving eyebrows, moving eyelids and movable hands!

The head starts as a foam base. First of all I study the shape of the person’s head, and I make a unique foam net for each person, which I bend and glue into shape. I then cover this in a fabric ‘skin’, which is machine stitched to closely fit the foam base. This makes our puppets very durable. The mouth is built into the outer fabric, and is stiffened with plastic to hold its shape. The eyes, nose, ears and any other features such as facial hair are embroidered on.

You can specify what you would like your caricature puppet to be wearing, and we will match the clothes as closely as we can. Many of the clothes I make myself, in other cases I buy baby clothes and alter them to fit. I have a huge collection of tiny clothes and shoes in the studio.

Our Lookalike puppets are made to last. We are so confident that they will that every single one of our products is guaranteed for 5 years. If you have any problems with it, we will repair them, no questions asked.

How long does it take to build a lookalike puppet?

Our standard lead time on custom builds is 4 weeks. It takes a few days to make each one, but we usually have to order in materials for each individual puppet. We also offer a 1-2 week speed build option which costs +20% of the total cost of your puppet. We ship worldwide and offer lots of different shipping options to suit your timescale and budget.

You can find out more about how they’re made by looking at my blog!