Children’s Drawings Gallery

Puppets and Toys from Children’s Drawings

Here are some of the children’s drawings I’ve turned into custom puppets and cuddly toys.

Why make toys from children’s drawings?

The best toys are those designed by children. It stands to reason; toys are for children, so children know best what will make the best toys.
Combine their wonderful imaginative ideas with the skill and experience of a lifelong full time toy maker, and you have the ideal toy. Children draw with a freshness and originality that is seldom retained into adulthood, and a bespoke plush toy can help capture this moment in their development forever.

How to order

Simply email a picture of your child’s (or your own!) drawing to and with 3 weeks you can hold it in your arms!

Will they last?

All our toys are completely safe for children and they are strong and hardwearing enough to withstand many years of love and hugs. We believe this so passionately that all of our toys and puppets come with a 5 year guarantee – if they become damaged, I will repair them, no questions asked.

Happy to take any requests such as fabric type and size.

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