Sock Puppets

Custom Sock Puppets by Picture to Puppet

Design your own sock puppet – just draw a picture of your dream sock puppet and get it professionally made! We also offer a design service if you’re not quite sure what you want your puppet to be like just yet. Our custom sock puppets are the cheapest type of puppet we offer

Custom Sock Puppets by Picture to Puppet

About our Custom Sock Puppets:

Our Custom sock puppets:
  • Start from £90
  • Are a basic sock shape: head and long neck
  • Can be any colour or texture
  • Can have any facial fetaures
  • Usually have non-structured heads and mouths
  • Can have all sorts of fun features added on – ears, hair, accessories, etc.
  • Are machine washable in a pillow case.

Looking for something more structured or full bodied? You may also wish to consider our hand puppets or glove puppets.