The Hypothetical Puppets by Picture to Puppet

James Acaster Puppet and Josh Widdicombe Puppet

The six Hypothetical celebrity puppets were made by Mari Jones and Emma Forrest here at Picture to Puppet. We made six comedian puppets which appeared on the TV show Hypothetical on Dave. Our Josh Widdicombe and James Acaster puppets are joined by our Josh Widdicombe Puppet, our Romesh puppet, our Rachel Parris puppet, our Jon Richardson puppet and our Rose Matafeo puppet!

Watch our puppets on Dave!

Here is a sneak preview – we’re delighted to hear them going down so well with the audience:

We had a great time making the Hypothetical puppets because the comedians were so charismatic and interesting to caricature. We’re proud of our Romesh puppet’s distinctive expression, of our Rose Matafeo puppet’s big smile and of our Jon Richardson puppet’s open face.

You can find out more about our custom caricature puppets, likeness puppets and lookalike puppets here! If you’d like to find out a bit about the process of making likeness puppets, we’ve got a lovely video about it here (video courtesy of Becky Chan):

You can see lots of examples of other likeness puppets we have made here!

Here are some pictures of our Josh Widdicombe and James Acaster puppets:

Our Romesh Puppet

Romesh Puppet by Picture to Puppet

Here is our Romesh Ranganathan puppet! As with all our custom puppets, we worked hard to get the right head shape, and his squint. We even gelled his hair into shape and trimmed his beard to the right length!

Our Josh Widdicombe Puppet

Josh Widdicombe Puppet

Here is our Josh Widdicombe puppet!

In our Josh Widdicombe puppet, we tried to match his tousled curls, blue eyes and glasses.

Our Rose Matafeo Puppet

Rose Matafeo’s joyful expression was a pleasure to capture in our Rose Matafeo puppet. We also searched high and low for a tiny costume to match hers, and the right wig!

Our Rachel Paris Puppet

Rachel Paris Puppet

We focused on Rachel Parris’s Luscious lips when making our Rachel Parris puppet. Happy to hear her say it was the hair of her dreams! When we make caricature puppets, the challenge is is often to accentuate the person’s most distinctive features whilst retaining a close likeness.

Our James Acaster Puppet

James Acaster Puppet

Here is our James Acaster puppet! Sadly he’d had a haircut by the time the show came around, which reduced the likeness a bit. But it’s mostly in the eyebrows!

Our Jon Richardson Puppet

Jon Richardson Puppet

I got quite attached to our Jon Richardson Puppet, because he has such a friendly face!

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