Puppet Welfare Policy

Logo and Mascot Puppets by Picture to Puppet

Mr Greebles in his Boat

Cinematography by Umatiddle and Friends

Picture to Puppet’s blink mechanisms

By Ahmed Hamed


Fair Phyllis

Fair Phyllis performed by the Edinburgh Puppet Madrigal singers, with support from Big Ted, Charlie Hanks, Oliver Haigh, Helen Scott and Mari Jones. Cinematograhy by Frauke van Eyken

Toy Hospital

By Ahmed Hamed


With Siggy Watt on accordion and Alice Dillon on mock accordion.

Donald Trump sings Don’t Stop Me Now

Sung by Lindsay Shields.

Mr. Greebles’s Porthole

Wild Thing

Sung by Dai Jones

Flower Titanic

Cinematography by Aliza Razell of Umatiddle

Puppet on a String – Elvis


Umbrella –  with puppets

Starring Robert Shepherd, some Puppets and Lewis Williamson on keys. With technical support from Coll Williamson and Jamye Drohan.


Elvis Presley – I Wanna be Your Teddy Bear


David Attenborough and Monkeys

Starring David Attenborough, Monkey, Ruth Cape, Mari Jones and Rose


Donald J. Tramp

With April Brucker, Ventriloquist


Material Girl

Starring Lewis Williamson, some puppets and Helen Scott.

A Christmas Carol read by Mr. Puppet 

Africa – with Puppets

If it Wasne fir yer Wellies


Starring Scott Gardiner on vocals, Rob Younger on guitar, Rachel Bowes on puppet animation, Aliza Hoover on filming and Alice Dillon on backstage photography.

Uptown Funk

Starring Alex Lewis and some puppets with music played by Late Night Pizza