Cuddly Tamandua

This cuddly tamandua was handmade in Edinburgh by Picture to Puppet. He’s made of lovely soft high quality fur fabrics with felt features. He’s about 20 inches long.

Tamanduas are part of the anteater family. His long toungue is for catching ants and termites, and his bendy claws make him very good at climbing trees. He’s originally South American and likes to live in forests and grasslands. Tamanduas sleep in the day and go out and have fun at night time. They can’t see very well but have amazing senses of hearing and smell.

He is ready to add an exotic note to any soft toy collection!

All my toys are safe for children and they are hardwearing enough to withstand many years of love and hugs. I believe this so much that all of our toys and puppets come with a 5 year guarantee – if they become damaged, I will repair them free of charge.

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