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At Leith Toy Hospital in Edinburgh, we offer the latest advancements in puppet medicine!

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Does your child have a favourite cuddly toy who’s just been loved and cuddled that bit too much? A teddy full of holes, a bear with missing limbs, or someone who’s just lost their smile?

Doctor 2Don’t panic! Here at Picture to Puppet I’ve seen worse! I can give them a careful operation (under anaesthetic of course), and make sure that they come back to you healthy and strong enough to withstand many more years of love and hugs.

I make toys all day every day, so have a very thorough understanding of how they are made. I know how favourite cuddlies are the centre of a child’s world, and how upsetting it can be when they become damaged. I know how important it is that retain the same character and expression, so will make absolutely sure that this is preserved.

Here are some things I can do:

  • Patching – from £15
  • Limb replacement (matching fabrics as closely as possible) – From £25
  • Darning – from £15
  • Re-embroidering facial features – from £20
  • Replacing safety eyes/ noses – from £15
  • Restuffing – from £15

Or, in the most drastic of cases:

  • “New skin!” Well, snakes do it, so why not teddies? I can make a new skin in a very similar fabric to exactly the same size and shape as your teddy, and put the original teddy inside the new skin (including the soul, of course.) It’s the same teddy, but with a complete makeover. – from £50

I’ll chat with you before I do anything to make sure you’re getting a repair that you’re happy with. I’ll even send your toy back with a doctor’s note stating how long the teddy will need off work to recover fully and what exercises they need to do.

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