Picture to Puppet on Steph’s Packed Lunch

Yesterday we were lucky to have a spot on Steph’s Packed Lunch, in the unique business market feature. I surprised Steph McGovern with a likeness puppet of herself wearing her favourite red jacket! 

Steph McGovern Puppet on Steph's

I had 2 days notice to get ready, so my Steph McGovern puppet was a bit of last minute effort and a very late night! But it was worth it to see Steph’s face when she saw it. I talked about Picture to Puppet and Leith Toy Hospital, my toy repair service.

It was all a bit of a whirlwind, and especially strange after staying in the house so long in lockdown, but it was really interesting to see how live TV shows are made, and everyone I met there was lovely! 

My Steph’s Packed Lunch Puppet

We can make likeness puppets like our Steph McGovern puppet of anyone – you don’t need to be a celebrity! Even though we have a fair few celebrity clients, we also make lots of puppets for schools, You can see lots of other examples of our likeness puppets here!

Here are some other places you might see our puppets and makers on TV!


Our maker Kiaz Trepte on The Loop

One of our fabulous makers Kiaz Trepte was featured recently on The Loop on BBC Scotland recently, telling the story of how she swapped couture fashion for puppet making with Picture to Puppet. 

Hypothetical Puppets on Dave

James Acaster Puppet and Josh Widdicombe Puppet

Back in 2018 we made puppets of James Acaster, Josh Widdicombe, Romesh Ranganathan, Rose Matafeo, Jonathan and Rachel Parris. Our Romesh Puppet and our James Acaster Puppet keep popping up on TV, so keep your eyes out for them!