Puppets of Edinburgh: Mr Greebles

Mr Greebles is a custom made puppet by Picture to Puppet with a movable brow.IMG_9106

Mr Greebles from Leith showed us around his shabby-chic house boat on the Shore.

“I came here as a teenager and got a job selling stuff door-to-door. I bought this boat with my life’s savings and spent six months doing her up. She was the most beautiful boat in the whole world. Then one night when I was out working some boys came by and threw stones through the portholes, the broke the door down and made a fire inside.  They chalked “Hobo” on the side of my boat. I got back and all my possessions were destroyed, but the boat was still floating, because the shell is made of metal. I haven’t managed to save enough money to do it back up yet – in the winter the boat is cold and damp, and water comes in through the port holes and I’m very worried about rust. But it’s all worth it to feel the motion of the boat under me when I’m sleeping, and to wake up in the morning to the sound of water lapping against the side of the boat. The most important thing is that I’ve still got the boat and she’s still floating, and one day I’ll get her back to being the most beautiful boat in the world.”