Puppets of Edinburgh: Mr. Mushroom

“What can I say about myself? Well, I like to think I’m a pretty fun guy…. get it? Fungi? Sorry, that one gets me every time.

Mr mushroom 2

At the moment I’m enjoying growing in Leith community garden. I sprouted here about a month ago, in this nice sunny spot, and I really like it. The sunflowers are friendly, although these poppies here are a bit stuck up- don’t tell them I said that. Some cute flax flowers came through recently, and we had a nice chat, but they were off to Northern Ireland and couldn’t stay! I’m not quite that adventurous, but I’d like to see a bit more of the world.

In fact, I’d just put my hat on with the intention of taking a stroll around town, when you asked to take a picture. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s a pretty small hat… you could say there’s not ‘mush-room’ in it! Except that I’m wearing it. Never mind, that joke worked better in my head. As I was saying, I was just going for a walk. I’ve heard the local market might be a good place to meet some other vegetables. Maybe even a fruit, who knows?!

…Sorry, what was that? Try not to get eaten? Hahahaha, you’re a funny one. ‘Don’t get eaten,’ what a laugh. Anyway, I’ll be off. Catch you later!”


[Note: Puppets of Edinburgh returned to the garden the next day, and Mr. Mushroom had not been heard from since his departure. We fear the worst.]