Willie the Wolf meets his Dad

Willie the Wolf is a custom puppet that blinks and had moving eyebrows.

I don’t usually get attached to my puppets, as I keep it firmly in my mind that it’s just a job. But every now and then one comes along that I fail to remain aloof with, and Willie the wolf was one of them. Perhaps it is to do with him being such a great hugger, or how disconcertingly alive he looks when he blinks at you – or perhaps just that his blink mechanism took me a whole long, frustrating week to figure out. The upshot is that it was really a wrench to put Willie in his box and send him off to the states – we had a slightly traumatic parting with a long draw-out good bye and I had to make there were some air holes in the box so he could breathe and a marmalade sandwich for the voyage. Just managed to stop short of a note around his neck saying “please look after this wolf.”

So it was a relief to find that he arrived with his new Dad Chris and to see them both looking SO happy to meet each other! He is in good hands 🙂

When Chris’s new book comes out, both Willie and Chris are going to be famous!

Willie and ChrisWillie 3

Artwork by Vladimir Cebu. Images courtesy of Chis Mason

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