Baboon’s Big Gig

Picture to Puppet’s Talking Puppets Make the Scene

At Picture to Puppet, we are always very proud when we build a puppet who goes on to do great things! I was somewhat loth to part with this lovely cuddly baboon puppet, but it is great to see that he is now a highly successful DJ, and he is the first of our talking puppets to have his own mixing deck!

We went to see him on Friday and it was great! We felt like embarrassing proud parents at the school Christmas play. We took lots of pictures and a video:




Wuh-Oh’s Baboon

Along with his friend and fellow DJ Pete (AKA Wuh-Oh), Baboon loves experimenting with time signatures, dabbling in quirky chiptune, fusing jazzy rhythms or sampling whatever takes his fancy.

Thanks to Pete’s careful tuition, he has even become an accomplished pianist, a fantastic feat for a baboon. He plays synths and keys live on stage and, most importantly, he makes dance music that gets everyone at his gigs dancing, including himself. He’s even been on Radio Scotland!

You can Follow Pete and Baboon on facebook here:


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