Custom Mascot Costumes

One of the largest types of character costumes we make are the full-body custom wearable mascot costumes. Which an adult or child can wear over their entire body and head to depict all sorts of brand identities. Our professional custom mascot costumes can be made to order in any size and any character. Whether it is a school mascot, a cartoon character or simply an animal costume such as a bear. Our mascot costume makers can provide cunning ways to build an amazing three-dimensional foam structure covered with fabric. They’re a great way to represent your design.

If you would like us to come up with some tried and tested design ideas, just get in touch. Our mascot costumes can be made to order in any size and any character. Our mascot costume makers can send design sketches to help you visualise your mascot costume to the full.

Whats it’s like to wear

People often ask “Is it hot wearing a mascot costume?” They can take a bit of getting used to, but we ensure that a mesh covered area is included in the head section to give breathability and cool down the wearer. We can also use semi opaque panels to help with visibility for the actor.

Custom Mascot Costume - A giant blue owl
Custom Mascot Costume - Yellow Lion with an Orange Tummy and Mane


How much does a custom mascot costume cost?  This all depends on the complexity of the design and the type of materials used. We can guide you through the process by producing an initial design and fabric samples for a minimal design fee giving you a chance to tailor your mascot outfit to your budget. Once you are happy to go ahead and invest in a finished mascot suit, our team will hand build the framework and use a wide range of techniques to realise your mascot creation!

We also offer advice on aftercare such as storage and washing tips to keep your mascot costume in the best condition possible.

Why hire a generic wearable mascot costume when you can buy a unique professional mascot costume from us that you can use to promote your charity or business for years to come.