Toys from Children’s Drawings

Puppet and Soft Toys from Children’s Drawings

Looking for a personal present? Or looking to design your own stuffed animal? One of the most heart-warming things a parent can receive is a drawing to pin on the fridge. Now imagine your child’s drawing is brought to life made into a three-dimensional toy with all the detail of the original sketch! This is something that can capture a precious moment in a child’s life. Alternatively, it could simply bring a smile to a relative and remind them of someone close to their hearts. Here at picture to puppet we can develop your children’s drawings so that you can appreciate them for years to come!

Often our handmade toys from children’s drawings become childhood favourites that stay with their owners as treasured mementos as they grow up. Children’s drawings are full of individual style. Everybody loves those portraits of family members with spiky hair and big grins! We can use lots of different materials to produce a toy as simple as a printed cushion. Alternately, we could make a detailed embroidered rendition of the child’s drawing in full 3-D. 

Custom Soft Toys

We take note of the individuality of the scribble from a three-legged purple cow, or perhaps a spaceman with an alligator’s tail? Perhaps there has been a competition at school to draw a yeti. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the first prize was to make the winning design into an actual cuddly yeti! Or looking to design your own stuffed animal? Here at Picture to Puppet the children’s drawings are one of our favourite things to bring to life! In fact we originally set the business up to produce these special toys in 2012.

Take a look at our examples and you will see how diverse and fascinating a child’s eye see’s the world around them. 

Free those imaginations from the fridge magnets and set them free to have adventures your kids will remember forever. All children love to have their own special friend, what better than one from their own imagination!

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