Custom stuffed animal of your pet

Custom pet stuffed animal

Have you ever wished you could make a custom stuffed animal of your pet and keep it forever? Maybe your toddler wants to cuddle the cat more than the cat wants to be cuddled. A custom cat plush would be a better object of affection! All my friends at university missed their pets, and would have loved to have a custom stuffed dog to remind them of home. Perhaps your beloved pet has passed away, and you want a stuffed animal pet memorial to remember them by. Or you just want to see what your furry friend would look like as a cuddly toy!

Whatever the circumstances, a custom pet stuffed animal makes the perfect gift for yourself or someone else, and Picture to Puppet is here to help! We know you don’t just want a generic cat or dog. We take the same care with a custom pet stuffed animal as we do with the likeness of a person, working from photographs to capture your pet’s unique colouration and personality.

Custom stuffed dog

custom stuffed dog of a spotted puppy

We loved this puppy’s playful personality! It was a challenge to replicate his variety of colours and textures, and we needed to combine a variety of furs. Now his owners will be able to remember how cute a puppy he was, even as he grows up.

custom stuffed dog

Custom cat plush

custom cat plush of a brown and white cat

This gorgeous cat required hand-stitching to get her face the right shape. This plush was requested of a neighbor’s cat (with permission) so that a little girl could have one of her own. Custom pet stuffed animals are the perfect way to ensure there are enough cuddly animals to go around!

custom cat plush





How to order a custom stuffed animal of your pet

Get in touch with us using the contact link below, and send us clear photos of your pet. It’s helpful to have a couple angles, such as front and side views. We’ll ask what size you want your custom pet stuffed animal to be, and what position it should be in. If you have any other specific requests, let us know and we’ll do our best to make your custom cat or dog plushie exactly what you want it to be!

We aren’t limited to cats and dogs, either! Take a look at our custom soft toys page to see examples of weird and unusual animals we’ve made. We would be happy to make a custom pet stuffed animal of any kind!

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Contact us about making your pet into a custom pet stuffed animal!

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