Design your own stuffed animal

“No one makes a tamandua stuffed animal,” you’ve thought to yourself sadly. But your anteater woes are over, with Picture to Puppet’s custom stuffed animals!

design your own stuffed animal tamanduacustom plush toys no minimum girl hugging a tamandua

Custom plush toys no minimum

Some of the most enjoyable jobs at Picture to Puppet are strange and unique stuffed animals. We can make a custom plush toy from a photo or turn drawings into stuffed animals. There is no minimum order, so we’re happy to make one-of-a-kind custom plush toy. Whether you give us a photo to work from, or design your own stuffed animal based on your imagination, we can create the custom soft toy of your dreams!

Custom plush toys from a photo

If you aren’t looking for a soft toy of a specific animal, such as a pet, we can work from general reference images. We end up learning random fun facts by looking up weird animals. For instance, did you know that there is an annual banana slug festival in Russian River, California,  featuring slug races and a recipe contest? Neither did we, until we had to make a banana slug plushie.

custom plush toy from a photo of a banana slug

We do our best to create a realistic resemblance, but our custom plush banana slug is cuddly rather than slimy!

Custom stuffed animals from drawings

Picture to Puppet started out making puppets based on children’s drawings, but we can easily turn drawings into stuffed animals as well. Whatever you or your child can imagine can become a custom plush toy!

mermaid unicorn custom stuffed animals from drawings

Now you can have a mermaid unicorn of your very own!

Design your own stuffed animal

Is your favourite animal something so obscure that it’s impossible to find a plush toy of it? Have you invented the perfect hybrid creature? Send along a photo, drawing, or tell us about your idea and we’ll make it reality!

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