In the Rainbow Nest 2

Last week I went to London to watch the Rainbow Nest being filmed. This is a new TV show for young children and I have made all the costumes and puppets.

Here are some photos of the characters and the set.


Kooki is made of fleece and foam. I made a big foam structure first then covered it in fleece. The ain challenge was getting the head to stay still and to fit the actress in a way that she could see really well through the eye holes.


Reapeaty the robot almost caused us all a coronary by getting lost in transit the day before the filming commenced! His neck is made of a pipe to go on the back of a tumble dryer and his springy legs are meant to go inside a car engine.


Yucky-Ee’s feet are my favourite – watch this space, soon you might be able to buy your very own pair of rainbow nest slippers!


Tutton-Joy the sun monster was entirely hand stitched together, over days and days and days and days….

Lolly in a circleIMG_0749Yucky in a circleIMG_0746IMG_0745IMG_0740IMG_0738



Hopefully soon you’ll be able to watch some episodes!