Mini Me Puppets

Recently I have had lots of commissions for lookalike puppets – I’m sent a photo of a person and have to build a puppet based on the picture. Often the pictures are of celebrities and are used in TV shows and stage productions, and often they are commissioned by people who want a mini me puppet to look like themselves.

Charles Barkley lookalike puppet

At the moment I’m working on a bulk load of celebrity lookalike puppets for a TV show called hypothetical. We don’t know when it’s going to air yet, but Ill keep you posted!

Recent Mini Me and Lookalike Puppets

In the mean time, here are some other lookalike puppets I’ve made over the last couple of months. I’m finding that the more lookalike puppets I make, the more I enjoy it, as I am always learning new ways to represent different facial features. Recently I have started making much more detailed facial structures by carving foam shapes and glueing them onto the foam skulls. I’m also figuring out more ways to show different hair styles, and I’m gradually adding hair dressing to the list of random skills I am picking up in the course of my puppet making career!

Mini me puppet custom puppet

I really enjoy working on lookalike puppets of older people because their faces have so much character. Even though I rarely meet  or even speak to the subjects of my mini mes, I find myself inventing personalities for them as I go along. I feel like this lady has a good sense of fun as well as lots of interesting stories and wise words to offer!

Mini me puppet

I think this chap looks very friendly and approachable!Mini me puppets

These mini me puppets were commissioned as a wedding present for the couple in question. Don’t they look happy! I’ve done quite a few puppets for wedding speeches over the years, which Certainly makes for an unusual speech!

Marionettes here I come…

Im just heading down to Devon to start a marionette carving course, so next week’s blog post will be about marionettes! It’s  taking me eighteen hours on a bus to get there, so let’s hope it’s worth it!

Back next Monday at 10am for more puppetry chats! In the mean time, you can find out more about our lookalike puppets here.