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13th Feb 2019 is the night that our Hypothetical puppets are going to appear on screen! They will be on Dave at 10pm. Recently we made six puppets for the TV show Hypothetical, which is going to be airing soon on DAVE. We made a Romesh Ranganathan puppet, a Josh Widdicombe puppet, a James Acaster puppet, a Rose Matafeo puppet, a Rachel Parris Puppet and a Jon Richardson Puppet. We’re very excited to see our Hypothetical puppets in action when the show goes on TV!

Here is a sneak preview of the show!

The Hypothetical puppets were really enjoyable to make. I always enjoy making likeness puppets, but these comedians had particularly charismatic faces that made them really nice to caricature.

I started by drawing out each character, and picking out their distinctive features that I most wanted to highlight, to ensure that the puppets were recogniseable. For example, the Romesh Ranganathan puppet has slightly different eyes. I also used hair spray to set the Romesh puppet’s hair in a realistic position. In the case of the Jon Richardson Puppet, I focused on his open expression and his big smile. The Rose Matafeo puppet has wonderful bouncy curls and a big smile. The James Acaster puppet has distinctive high cheekbones, which I made with carved foam blocks placed under the skin. For the Rachel Parris Puppet, I focused on her big pink lips, ad the Josh Widdicombe puppet has tousled curls.

The production company specified what the comedians would be wearing, so I spent a long time scouring Edinburgh’s charity shops looking for children’s clothes to match, and altering them to fit. We even bought little glasses for the Romesh puppet, the Rose Matafeo puppet and the Josh Widdicombe puppet. They’ve got moving mouths as well as jointed arms.

Here is a video showing the process of making a likeness puppet:

If you watch Gold, you can already see our Hypothetical Puppets featured in TV adverts for the show. The show will be airing soon. Here is a clip of one of the adverts, starring our Romesh puppet!

We’ve also done lots of other likeness puppets, and regularly take commissions from all kinds of customers, both companies and individuals. Find out more about our likeness puppets here!

Also feel free to get in touch for more about Picture to Puppet, visit our contact page here. You can also visit our Edinburgh studio here:

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