Pet Soft Toys

Everybody knows that their pampered pooch or fluffy feline is a total one off and no other face is quite as cuddly! So, what could be better than that loveable pet immortalised as a plush soft toy! Perfect as a present for kids to dress up giving your puppy a well-earned rest.

Here at picture to puppet we can capture the features of your individual pet. Even if it is a bit more unusual like a snake or a parrot! we can use soft plush fabrics and luxury long furs. You can send us pictures of your beloved animal and we will create a bespoke likeness you can treasure forever.

Perhaps you have a picture of a childhood pet you long to hug again. Maybe you simply want to make a copy of your dog to give to a friend or relative as a gift. How about a personalised nametag for it too? Here at picture to puppet, we love using our puppetry skills to take the features and markings of a particular pet and building a cute soft toy version. We can add the same colour eyes, the same familiar markings and colourings, even down to their quirky traits. Like a bent ear, snaggy tooth or missing paw!

We can use weighted bean bags or soft fluffy stuffing to give a realistic weight and feel to the toy. If necessary we can also ensure that all the materials used can be child safe. We can use safety eyes or embroider features to ensure they are pet friendly too.

Have a look at our gallery of lookalike toys on our website to check out some cute pets we have already made for some grateful animal lovers.