Puppets for Public Health Videos

Our puppets have been busy helping spread the message about how to stay safe during the Coronavirus outbreak. We have had lots of requests to make custom puppets for public health promotion videos and puppet films to engage kids with messages about the Corona virus. 


Puppets can be novel and engaging additions to public health videos, as they help get the message across, and keep kids engaged (they also come in any shape, size or style of your choosing!). 


We’ve also made a few example puppet public health videos of our own! Take a look at what Dr. Phillips has to say about staying safe.

We love making custom puppets for film, and we feel proud seeing them raise awareness, and help tackle the spread of disease. Puppets can help bring public health promotion videos to life by engaging a young audience with a challenging subject matter.

In your video you can have only puppets, or you can mix puppets and humans together. Either way we tend to find it’s the puppets that steal the show!

It can be difficult to find a fun way to explain Covid-19, but here in the studio we’ve become quite fond of our medical puppets!

For more fun and child friendly Covid advice, visit Leith Toy Hospital’s tips from Nurse Nancy! 

For the latest advice on keeping safe in the Coronavirus, have a look at the WHO’s guidance here.


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