Where to Buy a Face Mask in Scotland

Where should I buy a locally made reusable face mask in Scotland?

From Picture to Puppet of course!

Thanks to lots of positive word of mouth we’ve sold over 2000 face masks! They’re all made in Leith, Edinburgh by our staff and our team of 17 local freelance sewers. As well as wearing them ourselves, we’ve been listening to customer feedback since the start and have been constantly modifying and improving the design. 

Our locally made face masks are stylish, fitted and washable to 60 degrees. They’re available in lots of different fabrics and 3 sizes – large, medium and children’s. They’ve got a wire nose bridge to help shape them around your nose, which helps reduce the amount your glasses steam up! They’ve also got very comfy adjustable ear straps. 

Co-ordinating the reusable face mask project has been an adventure to say the least – dealing with this volume of orders is new territory for us, and it’s been a big learning curve. We’re really grateful to our fabulous team of local sewers for stepping up and helping us!

Where can I get a reusable face mask in England, Wales or Northern Ireland?

As well as offering local collection, we post masks across the UK, including, Wales, Northern Ireland and England. 

Have a browse through our different face mask designs here!

Where else can I get a reusable face mask?

Also try our sister company Leith Toy Hospital, who also make lovely face masks! Find out more about their face masks here.