Puppets for Video and Online Chat

Over the past year we’ve noticed that lots of the puppets we’ve made in our Edinburgh studio are going to be used online, either as the star of a video or just for use in skype or facetime chats. We’ve even made a whole team of likeness puppets for one organisation, which would certainly make video conferencing with colleagues working from home more fun!

Custom likeness puppet

Puppets are a great way to engage children (and grown-ups too) when teaching, storytelling or coaching online or remotely, and can really help to get your message across in a fun way.

Our puppets can be used in online videos as well as live chats.

As well as creating  likeness puppets of the human members of your team we can also make your mascot or character into a friendly puppet who can come alive on screen. We’ve made all kinds of mascots and characters into puppets – including a talking tuna can, a troll and lots and lots of different animals, not to mention all of the body parts for the lovely Senses glove puppet!

If you’re interested in a puppet then just email a photo to us at team@picturetopuppet.co.uk or fill in our online form, and we can get back to you with a quote. Our likeness puppets start from £175 for a glove puppet, and from £315 for a half body likeness puppet