Not just a doll hospital: Leith Toy Hospital

Soft toy repair for all!

Leith Toy Hospital, located in Picture to Puppet’s studio on Constitution Street, is proud to serve any soft toys that are feeling poorly, or in need of patching up. Many places specialise in one type of toy, such as a doll hospital or teddy bear hospital. We open our doors to everyone. Whatever type of soft toy repair you might need, we will do our best to make it as good as new!

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Teddy bear repair

Many of our patients are teddy bears who are well-loved and in need of repairs. These can range from stitching up a seam that has come open, to making a completely new skin!

teddy bear hospital - sick teddy before repairs teddy bear hospital - teddy bear repair complete

This teddy bear came in needing some new stuffing and freshening up. He was sent home feeling much better, with a prescription for lots of hugs to complete the cure!

teddy bear hospital doll hospital bear with new dungarees

It’s hard to tell, but this teddy had a completely new pair of dungarees and cap made. We carefully stitched on over the originals, which were getting too fragile. We’re very careful to retain the original materials wherever possible, making only the changes needed to complete the teddy bear restoration.

Patients who come into the toy hospital will always go home with their expression and character unchanged. They’ll just be mended and looking at their best!

Soft toy repair

All sorts of soft toys come into Leith Toy Hospital for repairs. We’ve fixed up all sorts of creatures, from bunnies and bears to pokemon and unicorns.

teddy bear restoration bunny before and after soft toy repair

This bunny needed a new nose and stuffing. Doesn’t he look much better, with a new ribbon bow as a finishing touch?

If you have a favourite soft toy in need of some repairs, let us know! You can send an email with a picture and we’ll give you a diagnosis, or just stop by the studio. We can often do simple repairs while you wait, so your child doesn’t even have to spend a night without teddy.

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Get in touch to find out what we can do to give your toy a new lease on life.

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